Recognized as a leader and a strategic partner for structural bolt distribution in North America, AMCAN JUMAX is listening to its customers needs.

AMCAN JUMAX offers quality products, innovative solutions, technical support and maintains a superior level of customer service.



Carte géographique du siège social / Geographic Map of the Main Office


Carte de l'entrepôt en Ontario / Warehouse Map in Ontario


Carte de l'entrepôt en Alberta / Warehouse Map in Alberta

Specialized Tools

Wrenches and parts

Wrenches and parts


  • HRC 710W 6922NB


  • S-60 EZA
  • S-80 EZA
  • S-90 EZ
  • S-110 EZ
  • STC 5AE
  • STC 7AE
Weldings machines and parts

Welding Machines and Parts

  • H4L, S3L, CPL, CFL and CD Studs
  • Chucks
  • Cords
  • Ferrul Grips
  • Foots
  • Guns and Pins Stoppers


We are also offering parts and repair services for these tools.